Direct Marketing of GOPASS wins “Best CRM” Loyalty Award in London

What a an experience to come to London to attend the the prestigious Loyalty Awards and take away 3 awards. This goes beyond any expectations. You can read details in my post on the Pricewise blog here>

This is my personal perspective:

Direct Marketing Commnication and analytics is what I do. Out of the three awards we took away I value most the “Best CRM in Loyalty Environment”. This was a very tough category because CRM is at the heart of loyalty programmes and we won because of the direct marketing work. It goes to the core of what I like to do. Everyday for past several years I have together with the Pricewise and team of TMR worked to building up direct marketing from the scratch. These are hundreds of campaigns and many inventions. This is the one I like the most: One hour after you finish skiing you get personal skiing statistics into your email – You can check your altitude graph and see how many kilometres you skied. This direct email is opened by 80% of people who receive and it is an absolute superstar among our direct marketing but we have many other great works. GOPASS direct marketing won because it is invidualized, personal and it is measured according to real results and revenue, not clicks.

To win the “Best CRM in Loyalty Environment” was not easy. One notable finalist was the Carlson Rezidor Group, which manages brands like Radisson. This is a huge network of hotels. Here is my personal story: When I was 15 I spent one high school year in the United States at Hopkins High School in Minnesota. The high school was located just 10 minutes from the world headquarters of Carlson Companies, which employees 175 000 people around the world and owns Carlson Rezidor Group, which manages brands like Radisson.  On daily basis I passed around this huge building thinking what are they doing and dreaming to once visit the top floors. Later I found out that apart from managing one of biggest companies Curt Carlson the founder started the company by inventing “The Gold Bond Stamps” which was one of the first consumer loyalty programmes used in great depression. It is nice to be in competition with Carslon Residor Group, inventors of one of the first loyalty programmes and with hotel network which probably has sizeable direct marketing department. Dreams come true! And hard work pays off.

You can read the details about the result at Loyalty Awards here>

You can find more pictures from the ceremony of Loyalty Awards here. Here are few:

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